Dr. Med. Vilma Partyková: Procedures of Body Purgation

On my web page you have just opened, I complete in brief the procedures of the method, which I described as method of „Seven steps to health”  in my books, written in Czech, Urinoterapie a nemoci (Urine-Therapy And Deceases) and Hladovění pro zdraví (Fasting For Health). I have learned these procedures during my staying in Russia 20 years ago. The first five of them belong to jewels of Russian people medicine, and the last two steps were suggested by U.S. doctor Norman Walker.
I have considered each of these healing procedures very profound from medicinal point of view, and many times practised on myself.

Steps Of Body Purgation

1.       Colon

2.       Digestive mucosa

3.       Junctures

4.       Liver

5.       Kidney

6.       Lymphatic ways

7.       Rhexis

I would like to recommend, by my own experience, to everybody willing to fasten as preventive health way, to start purgation longer time before first fasting, in order to reach by fasting deeper purgation of organism.

Purgation takes two and half month.

(General comment: timing concerning biological activities of body organs, and of performing individual procedures, indicated below, do not respect shifts by summer time.)

I can recommend the purgation to young, middle and older generations. Responsibility for taking procedures takes everybody self. People, who are healing for some decease, are obliged to consult treating doctor before applying the procedures.

The First Step: Purgation Of Colon

Profound purgation of colon cannot undergo deceased with hearth deceases, with asthmatic illnesses in the period of attack, with high blood pressure, and with ulcerous colon conditions.

Rinsing through enemas runs colon purgation. Colon rinsing enema takes part both in preparing organism before fasting, as well as in fasting itself. The purpose of enemas is to clear colon away from old leftover remains and from phlegm being released during fasting, too.

The solution for enema, which one fills into irrigator, consists usually in 1,5 l boiled water, cooled to body temperature. When applying urine therapy or fasting with urine, there is recommendable to make solution half and half water and urine. I personally prefer urine like the most effective addition for enema, because urine composition is nearest to internal environment of organism. In case of suffer from polyps in colon, there is relevant to take urine as full enema volume. The urine should be evaporated up to ½ of its original volume by boiling (i.e. from 500 ml of urine is gained after evaporation 250 ml). More concentrated urine evaporation, but never more than up to ¼ of its original volume, can be applied, too. For such high concentration must colon been adapted continuously, otherwise a burning of mucous tissue in colon could take place.

Prepared solution is given into irrigator, which we then hang up over bathtub. A clip for closing tube is to be fixed on the tube, and after putting tube into anus; the clip is to been freed, in order to let solution flow from irrigator into colon freely. We release stomach and inspire deeply through mouth. We try to hold solution in colon as long as possible. Let us get appropriate vase for evacuated content of colon near to bathtub.

The procedure of enema is best of all to take since 5:00 up to 7:00. This time corresponds with biological hours of maximal flow of energy into colon. Colon is being self-cleaned during the same time period. The efficiency of taken enema is therefore stronger.

Nevertheless, to find enema more comfortable, it is also possible to take it in the evening before sleeping.

In addition to cleaning colon the procedure shakes off haemorrhoids, too.

When taking enemas as body purgation step, one takes enemas:

1st    week every day

2nd    week each second day

3rd    week each third day

4th    week each fourth day

5th    week once

As a part of fasting, enemas are to be taken every day of fasting.

The purgation of colon is a very basic procedure, without which it is impossible to begin no one of other purgation procedures. Colon purgation cannot be shortened. The purpose of this procedure is to clean walls of colon off age-old atterations. When the colon is not cleaned thoroughly, purid processus are intoxicating organism continuously, and complicating its work during purgation.

After finishing the procedure of colon purgation, it is necessary to continue living with appropriated eating. The reason of purgation procedures we make is to get our body more health, in order to enable our cells, forming the base of living mass to work on maximum possible, that the metabolic products could been evacuated from the cell, but not stored in liver region, nor in organs. It is extremely important to change living style, thinking, pushing ahead a hobby, pulling down bad habits, being in move, and changing bad eating habits first of all.

As for healthy eating, everybody can find a lot of literature about. Everybody, who decides to take purgation, goes on the right way. For this one, it would never be a problem to get away meat, coffee, alcohol. When finding some problem in the beginning, it could be possible to include fish meat and other sea products into menu. Both of them are very simple digestible, and provide organism with essential poly-non-saturated fatty 3-omega acids. Fatty 3-omegas acids are also contained in linen seed, in rape oil, walnuts, and in green parts of vegetable. 6-omega acid forms the base of cell membrane. Deal of both 3-omegas and 6-omega acids should be balanced.

People preferring healthy eating gets two options: vegan or vegetarian eating. Possibility to gain own vegetables and fruits is an ideal situation. So it is possible to avoid fruits and vegetables being over-fertilized, and harming the health therefore.

Generally, we add to meals containing animal proteins, as a rule, fresh vegetable or fruits. We shall avoid meat and meat products, denaturalised food, products backed from white flour with use of bread yeasty, goodies, and meals containing much starch, and the like.

The most early we start our body purgation; the less possibility is given to the decease to its development, and to prevent the illness to become chronicle. There is much more difficult to fight with the decease if its stage reached chronicle level. Coming early prevention, and health living style bring guaranty of health.

The Second Step: Fight Against Digestive Mucosa

Frequent using of remedies, leavening paste, milk products, aim to infesting alimentary tract with heterogeneous microorganisms conidiogenous cells, yeast, staphylococcus. Named parasites live on mucous membrane of alimentary tract. They are living on our blood and they intoxicate our organism with produced by them poisons.

In the fight against digestive mucosa there is to use garlic. During 1-2 weeks we shall eat each day in the morning on empty stomach one clove of garlic one hour before breakfast and the other one we take two hours after supper. We do not take any drink, or meal, after. A symptom signalising of being cured, shall be vanishing of flatulence after eating. During the purgation of very abandoned cases the garlic juice may evoke some burning in gullet and in stomach. Everything is O.K. That is because after killing of microorganisms by garlic there are naked many slight injuries, which can pique at contacting with garlic juice. Some palpitation of heart may occur, too.

Garlic is the only food containing dissolved germanium. Garlic fastens „springing“ system of all valves in human organism.

In order to restore glandulous and resorbing abilities of stomach–intestinal mucosa it is good to use oat water. Let us use following receipt: Oat will be washed, dried and milled. Then, there are put 2 tablespoons of milled oat into a thermos flask, and flowed with 0,5 l of boiling water. Let it stay during 34 hours before using. Described aqua is excellent for recovery after childbirth, when large lost of blood occurred, in recovery time after surgeries, at allergies to remedies, anaemia, diabetes, hypoacidity, chronicle deceases of lounge, malfunction of peristaltic.

Alimentary tract is a chemical regent, treating our food into such chemical forms, which are able to absorb into blood, or into forms, evacuated out off organism.

The Third Step: Purgation Of Junctures

We have to go to purgation of junctures after having made a profound purgation of colon, what will assure making purgation of junctures without danger of an allergy. In the opposite case, the leftover remains and phlegm would be dissolved sooner than sediments of salts in junctures. If the colon were not cleaned, this would generate itchiness and hives at taking bay leaf beverage. For one healing treatment we need 15 g of bay leaf. We shall boil 5 grams of bay leaf in 300 ml of water during 5 minutes. Then we pour all that into a thermos flask and left stay for 34 hours. After it we strain the beverage off, and drink by little mouthfuls during l2 hours. Attention! It is not allowed to drink all volume at once because of danger to provoke the haemorrhage! Procedure shall be hold during 3 continuous days. The beverage must be prepared fresh each day. It is possible to repeat the procedure after a week later. We take vegetarian meals without animal proteins.

The treatment will help you to remove sediments of salts from junctures, to avoid pains of junctures at changes of weather, and to remove arthral fatigue.

We make 4 purgation treatments of junctures in the first year, by one in quarters. In the following years one treatment of junctures is sufficient.

The Fourth Step: Purgation Of Liver

Making colon purgation must always precede the treatment of liver. Purgation of liver must be practised regularly under following conditions:

·       Colon must be clean, without leftovers, sediments or constipation. The reason for having clean colon before starting procedure of liver purgation is to enable the material liberated during purgation to pass through colon without retention. During purgation of liver following will be liberated, and evacuated through anus: black stagnating gall; peel off cholesterol from gall ways and bilirubin stones. If the colon would not be passable freely, the evacuated impurities could become a source of secondary intoxication from colon.

·       In order to prepare liver for purgation it is necessary to eat vegan or vegetarian meals several days before.

·       We strictly observe biologic time of purgation of liver: 19:0021:00 hrs.

·       It is very important to approach to the purgation being persuaded about huge regenerating ability of our organism, with full confidence and without worry. That is important mainly at the beginning of the liver purgation, and in the stage of outgoing phlegm, peel off cholesterol from gall ways, soft bilirubine stones of large volume (up to dimensions of a walnut), small cholesterol stones.

Scenario of purgation of liver:

·       1st day in the morning between 5:00 and 7:00 we take an enema and we eat fresh apples and drink apple must in quantity, as we want to during the day.

·       2nd day we do the same as 1st day.

·       3rd day we do the same as 1st and 2nd day.

·       4th day is the topic of purgation. We take an enema in the morning and then drink apple must in quantity we want to up to 19:00, when we start the own procedure of purgation.

Preparing for procedure in the 4th day:

·       Prepare to use 200 ml of olive oil and 200 ml of freshly pressed out lemon juice.

·       Take 4 little glasses. Fill into each glass 50 ml of olive oil and add 50 ml of lemon juice.

·       Optionally, 300 ml of olive oil, and 300 ml of lemon juice can be used. In this case there are prepared 6 glasses.

·       At 18:00 we take 2 tablets No–Spa (Spasmolytic) and 2 tablets Isochol (Choleretic)

·       In the same time we take a steaming bath for 15 minutes (water temperature 38 oC).

·       To prevent nausea or compulsion to sickness when drinking the melange it is recommended to prepare before some pieces of fine cut garlic, to which we could smell in case of problem later.

·       Shortly before 19:00 we fulfil thermoform with hot water and then wrapped with a towel, to avoid burnings.

·       We start to drink melange of oil with lemon juice accurate at 19:00. The whole volume must be drunk until 21:00.

How The Procedure Of Liver Purgation Runs:

We lie down on bed at 19:00. We put over region of liver the wrapped thermoform close under the right costal arch. We drink the first glass of melange of oil with lemon juice and lie on the right side. In this position we stay until 01:00 in the night, when begins the biological activity of liver. The water in thermoform needs to be kept hot until end of drinking the melange, which we take one glass each 20 minutes until 21:00. It is necessary to keep the time 19:0021:00, because during this time the flow of energy in the liver is minimal. In case of finding difficult to drink the glass at once, we can take it by tablespoons.

We lay thermoform aside at 01:00, and go to bed for sleeping. Outgoing of phlegm, peels off cholesterol from gall ways, and stones into digestive tract will run until midnight or later. We shall feel compulsion to stools after 4 or even more hours (it is individual). Then, 90 minutes after the third stool, we make an enema. In the morning we take some light breakfast, puree, porridge for instance, or we drink a fresh juice, or eat some fruits. In the evening (during 17:0019:00) another enema is to be taken.

Through week following after purgation we shall take vegetarian meals without animal proteins. The phlegm continues to outgo through stool. Its colour is light, as a rule.

The effect of procedure is deeper, if the time of liver purgation corresponds to full Moon.

We make 4 treatments of liver purgation in the first year, by one in quarters. In the second year two times, and following years purgation of liver one times is sufficient.

In case of very clogged liver, as we can indicate upon the content in stool after enema, we can repeat the purgation of liver a month after. In the period between we eat light digestible meals.

After the first purgation of liver certain exhaustion or elevation of body temperature may occur. Those are normal symptoms accompanying the procedure. Everything will return to normal.

The Fifth Step: Purgation Of Kidney

Stones and sand in kidney result from its dysfunction caused by permanent overcharging.

Purgation of kidney takes 7 days. It is preferable to run this procedure in summer, in the season of fresh melons, because we shall have to eat melons every night. We shall take the procedure generally at 03:00 in the night. But if we suffer with stones of sand in kidney, we choose biological time of kidney, i.e. between 17:00-19:00. Procedure consists in taking 2030minutes hot baths until 40 oC, during which we are eating melons with black bread. Procedure stimulates relieving of kidney stones and sand out off urinary bladder, and their outgoing through urinary ways.

Procedure may be repeated after 23 weeks, until reaching required result, i.e. relieving stones and sand out of kidney.

The Sixth Step: Purgation Of Lymphatic Ways

Procedure takes 3 days and serves to cleaning lymphatic vessels and lymphatic nodes, which play a key role in defending system of organism (immunity system).

By recommendation of U.S. diet-therapist, Dr. Walker, we shall drink a beverage mixed with 900 ml grapefruit juice, 200 ml orange juice, 200 ml lemon juice and 1,5 l water from thawed ice (prepared in a refrigerator) every day. Besides, in drugstore or pharmacy we buy 100 g of Glauber's Salt (sodium sulphate decahydrate Na2SO4 . 10H2O).

Procedure runs, as follows: We prepare solution with 100 ml water from thawed ice, in which we add tablespoon of Glauber's Salt, and drink it in each morning. Then we take a bath 40 oC warm for 15 minute. With aim to reach profound heating of body and strong sweating plunge deep into bathtub. After the bath we start to sweat strong. We drink 200 ml of prepared diluted juice each 30 minutes. The whole volume of daily portion of beverage should be consumed during 7 hours.

If we have time enough, we can prepare appropriate quantity of dilated juice more times during the day. Juice should be kept in closed vessel in refrigerator. Oxidation of juice runs on the daylight faster.

In addition to the procedure it is recommendable to make an enema daily.

The Seventh Step: Purgation Of Rhexis

Blood is an important transporting medium. It takes part at keeping integrity of organism and its regulation. Oxygen, nutrients, defending matter, hormones and other indispensable elements are transported by blood.

Blood circulates in closed vascular system. To be able to carry needed substances everywhere in whole organism, it is very important that the blood vessels dispose of sufficient clearness. Defect of trafficability through vessel finishes by necroses of tissues, infarcts of heart, lounge, brain, colon, etc.

The seventh purgation step serves to improve trafficability of blood vessels.

Purgation of rhexis requires preparing:

·       200 ml dill seed

·       2 tablespoon of milled Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis)

·       400 ml honey

Put all into thermos of 2 litres volume, fill with boiling water fully and let soak during 24 hours. Then strain, fill into smaller bottles, and put into refrigerator. We take a tablespoon ½ hour before meal until exhausting of all.

How to make the best use of body purgation treatment

The sequence of procedures as described is strength obligatory. Start with enemas of colon and then continue up to the seventh step of purgation.

Taking hot baths serves to vasodilatation (enlarging of blood vessels), and to better capillary return, and ablation of phlegm, as well.

Enema serves for better expulsion of dissolved phlegm out off colon, into which a lot of phlegm comes from rhexis. That is why enema plays very important role at body purgation, at colon purgation first of all.

Purgation of lever before fasting spars fastening person from sharp crisis conditions, occurring as a result of cleaning lever and gall bladder at the process of fasting. The procedure of lever purgation contemporary cleans also gall bladder and gall ways from stones and form old black gall. Peels from gall ways in form of rags of mucosa are evacuated through colon.

If we have not taken care of our organism enough, our living style has been bad, and age of our body is high, we must exert much more effort for recovery. Profound purgation is to be performed before longer fasting in order to avoid or reduce divers possible complications. In addition, we make enemas each of three days preceding every longer fasting. If the body were not clean enough, large volume of expulsed phlegm could aim to engorge bloody system and excretory tract.

We accomplish all seven steps in the first year 4 times, in the second year two times, and once a year in each of further year.

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